We offer a large variety of office supplies services including:

we can make a variety of types and sizes

Personalize how you look at your calendars by looking at the pictures you want. Family, landscapes, art , humor, the options are endless. They also make a perfect gift for family, friends and co-workers.


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Print your company cheques with us. We offer laser cheques, security laser cheques and even "Design your own" cheques. Compliant with Canadian cheque standards. They are also perfect for personal cheques.


Engraved Signs
Colours include silver, gold and black

Organize your business and make it that much more easier for new people to become acquainted with their surroundings by using engraved signs to mark doors and desks. We offer a selection of engraved door and desk signs to fit the look of your companies interior.


Inks and Toners
For all types of desktop and office printers

No matter what type of printer or fax machine you use, chances are that we carry the toner/ink cartridges that you machines require. We compete on the best pricing. When placing an order , please specify your printer/fax model and the colour(s) that you require.


Invoices and Order Forms
All types of papers and sizes

Whether you require 2 piece forms or 3 piece forms we can that them made the way that you want them. Ideal sizes are 8.5" x 11" and 5.5" x 8.5". We can make any quantity that you require and numbered to match your company records.


Notepads and Prescription Pads
All types of papers and sizes

Printed on excellent writing paper, we provide standard size note pads at a very economical price. We offer b&w and colour printed notepads with an option of 50 to 100 pages per pad. 

We can also make you irregular sized notepads, but may be subjected to additional cost.


Office Paper
All types of weights and sizes

You can count on fairprint to provide your home and business printers and fax machines with brand name quality copy paper which we sell at a very reasonable price. We make sure that the paper we sell works without jams. 

At your request, we can have your order shipped directly to your business.


Custom Stamps
Please visit our stamp specifications

Tired of constantly dating and signing approvals on all the documents, letters and items that come in and out of your company? Save time and effort by having a custom stamp created to make some of your most repetitive jobs that much simpler. You could even put your company name or logo on your stamps as well to give them that authentic touch. We carry a variety of stamp options to meet your needs.


Printed Stationery
Please Contact for more Info

Pens, key chains, mousepads, shirts, and even USB's. You name it and  we can print on it. Perfect for company promotional gifts. Give our Sales Representatives a call for details on come up with that perfect gift.